Who am I?

I consider myself a non conventional researcher. I have a great interest in web development, web design and pretty much everything web related. Lately I'm extending my knowldge in machine learning and artificial inteligence. So I do all sorts of experiments and initiatives in this direction.

"If at first the idea is not absurde, then there is no hope for it."

-Albert Einstein

A short insight into my interests

The way people use computers. Someone once told me coding is hard and is for the exceptionally skilled persons. These were the 90’s. Today everyone is invited to code, not because coding became less hard, but because the paradigm of coding has changed to ‘it’s just like another foreign language’. One of my greatest passions is understanding, creating and measuring user experience and human machine interactions.

The way machines (re)act. I believe our computers are evolving into supporting more human conversations with their users. This is most visible in the coding paradigms evolution: At first there was assembly code (which meant programmer would build the machine behaviour they wanted), then came imperative programming (the machines can do a lot, so let’s tell them exactly what we want them to do, step by step), later came object oriented programming (instead of telling the machine step by step instructions, let’s define an environment where logical objects can interact with each other and produce the computation we need, much like a team - this also meant we can distribute these objects across multiple machines). Today we use distributed systems with microservice architectures which scale both logically and physically across the globe, connecting everyone.

Learning by collaboration. I’m referring to raising interest in machine learning which allows users to teach computer networks through positive and negative examples, allowing them to infer outcomes of new situations.

I worked with

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Developer Intern

Joint Research Centre


Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Research Technician

Seekda GmbH

Research Developer

Roessingh Research and Development

Researcher HCI

Braintribe Ltd.

Sr. Frontend Developer, R&D

Johnson & Johnson

Sr. Frontend Developer Consultant